Positive Displacement Blowers

Positive Displacement Blowers

Up to 15,000 CFM

RBS is the innovative positive displacement rotary blower with 3 special profile lobes that, combined with a new configuration of the LOW-PULSE system, reduces the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas below 2% of the operating pressure.

  • Safety: the perfect operation of the gears is guaranteed by the oil splash lubrication system with discs coupled to the drive shaft.
  • Long life bearings: reinforced rolling type, calculated for a theoretical lifespan of 100,000 hours under the most severe operating conditions.
  • Peak volumetric efficiency: the ground profile of the rotors ensures extremely reduced clearances.
  • Strong and silent: helical tooth synchronising gear with ground surfaces and involute profile.
  • Reliability and efficacy: the gas seal on the rotor shafts is guaranteed by a labyrinth seal coupled to oil splash discs and ensures the flow of oil free gas maintaining its long lasting efficiency not having parts that are subjected to wear.
  • High performance: oversized shafts that allow higher operating pressures and greater rotation speeds.
  • RBS in ATEX version, available on request

Plans and documentation

Robuschi RBS brochure